New York Times Poll: President Trump’s Tax Bill Clinches Majority Support

A recent New York Times poll found that 51% of Americans now support President  Trump’s tax bill.   Surprisingly, even support among Democrats  has doubled!  Here are a few examples of how President Trump’s new tax reform is helping American taxpayers:

Colleen Doering runs a small facilities maintenance business in Florida. “My paycheck has increased, and if I see it in my paycheck, then I know my employees are seeing it in theirs,” she said of the new tax law….

Erin Parker, a high school history teacher in San Antonio, said she did not like many elements of the law, particularly its big reduction of the estate tax, and said she was skeptical that it would provide much of an economic lift. But Ms. Parker, who described herself as an independent who tends to support Democrats, said the bill would probably help the technology start-up where her husband works. “Hearing about the implications for my husband’s business improved my view of it a bit,” she said….

“I think we are essentially seeing Republicans ‘come home’ on the tax plan in our data,” said Lori Weigel, a partner with Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm. “That is certainly in part due to consistent communications about the tax plan and the news coverage of prominent companies investing in workers.”

Republicans think that support will continue to grow for President Trump’s tax reform as more Americans see lower taxes reflected in their paychecks.

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