Poll: Everyone Backs Trump Immigration Ban – Except Democrats | Dan Bongino

On yet another immigration related issue, it’s the Democrat Party vs. the American people.

President Trump recently signed a new executive order that bans immigration into the U.S. for sixty days. The order applies to those seeking permanent residence in the U.S., and foreign nationals seeking a green card who are outside of the U.S. (but not those already here).

There are also exceptions for “essential workers, including medical personnel, spouses and children of U.S. citizens, members of the Armed Forces, individuals designated by law enforcement, prospective foreign adoptees of U.S. citizens, and prospective ‘investor visa’ users.”

According to the latest from Rasmussen Reports:

Earlier in the week Rasmussen similarly found that everyone rejects the absurd schemes to allow illegal aliens to receive coronavirus relief aid – except for Democrats. According to that survey:

Hopefully we’ll see a similar divergence of opinion this November.

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