SingularityNET Partners With Nexus to Explore New Blockchain Integrations

Over the last few months, SingularityNET has received dozens of integration opportunities with respected blockchain projects, multi-national corporations, research institutions, and leading AI developers. Our presentation at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos expanded those opportunities to some of the most influential leaders and organizations in the world.
So far, we’ve been proud to announce collaborations with many impactful initiatives, including Ocean Protocol , SGInnovate , and NR Capital . Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Nexus that could result in the most scalable, censorship-resistant blockchain infrastructure in existence.

A new frontier for blockchain, AI & communications

Nexus’ new virtual machine architecture, three dimensional chain, and satellite network represent a potential new frontier for the blockchain industry. For the first time, Nexus will link blockchain with communications technology to provide a fully decentralized internet.
If Nexus achieves what they intend, the global blockchain industry could overcome challenges associated with scaling, consensus updates, and quantum encryption. These ambitious milestones make our services natural allies in advancing the blockchain and AI industries. Both of our networks aim to distribute powerful technologies in a manner that benefits society as a whole, rather than a few powerful actors.

1. Exploring AI Integrations Within Nexus

At SingularityNET, we’ve received numerous requests from blockchain companies looking to take advantage of our network’s AI capabilities. We’re positioned as the go-to provider of AI services for the blockchain industry . We know the Nexus team well, and we believe that our compatible visions may provide ample opportunities for valuable integrations.
Nexus is tackling many of blockchain’s biggest challenges. By combining SingularityNET’s AI infrastructure with their strong team and unique tech stack, Nexus will be able to achieve their goals with greater speed and efficiency.
For example, Nexus is building three types of networks to support its infrastructure: terrestrial mesh networks, cube satellite orbital mesh networks, and ground stations to connect the two networks together. Software will also be integral to the functionality and efficiency of Nexus including the 3DC (Three Dimensional Chain), Advanced Contracts, and Distributed Trust and Reputation systems. With SingularityNET, Nexus could deploy AI agents to uncover vulnerabilities, stress-test the network, simulate various interactions, deliver real-time analytics, and much more.

Nexus Earth

2. Working With the Nexus Architecture

SingularityNET will also be working with the Nexus team to explore deploying SingularityNET through their satellite-based alternative internet protocol. This would strengthen our mission of creating a censorship-resistant AI network, democratizing access in a manner no other project could achieve . We will also be identifying other areas of opportunity, including the joint creation of reputation systems that can provide reliable means of self-regulation in a trustless system.
As one of the first parties to explore the latest Nexus architecture, we’re enthusiastic about the long-term potential of integration. There are never guarantees when exploring technology, but it seems that Nexus is pushing the edge for distributed databases.

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