Beware the toll that startup dream can have on your relationship

Mention the word “startup”, and it’s likely that meeting cool and smart people, oodles of cash, freedom and passion come to mind. Sure there’s hard work and long hours, but nobody ever changed the world working 9 to 5.

But at a recent workshop at Melbourne’s Blockchain Centre, a co-working space that plays host to start ups, the conversation turned to an unexpected cost of chasing the small business dream : relationship crisis. And we’re not just talking about a spot of bickering with your spouse or partner. We’re talking full on marital carnage.

Justin Dry admits founding his wine sales startup puts pressure on marriage to his wife, Asher.

“The dream is a startup will make life better, and if that doesn’t happen, there’s rage,” says
Alexandra Barbas, a Senior Clinician and Counsellor with Relationships Australia Victoria.

“Marriage is about safety, security, and togetherness. Those are the kinds of words one thinks about in marriage”, says Barbas. “We don’t sign up for risk. We don’t sign up for danger. We don’t sign up for uncertainty. And that’s what businesses are; businesses carry risk.”

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