Boxmining Talks about Enjin Coin at the Biggest Blockchain Event in South Korean History

It’s no secret that Boxmining loves Enjin Coin.
He’s been one of our biggest supporters from the very start — explaining how it will disrupt the gaming industry , interviewing our CTO, showcasing our ultra-secure wallet, and even joining our Telegram channel to chit-chat with the other 9000 members.
That said, we were still amazed to see him talking about Enjin Coin at the Blockchain Revolution Conference — the biggest blockchain event in South Korean history.
The conference was organized by Jibrel Network — and attended by 500 traders, 50 journalists, the biggest thought leaders in the industry — as well as more than a few Korean government ministers.
Boxmining used Enjin Coin as a positive example of what he’s looking for when analyzing blockchain projects — transparent projects that solve real problems by utilising blockchain, and have great, dynamical teams that deliver on their roadmap promises.
Boxmining’s interest in Enjin Coin shouldn’t come as a big surprise when you consider his background.

“One of the projects that I’ve felt is very related to my background — which is gaming — is Enjin Coin.”

He started by introducing the audience about Enjin Coin — informing them about gaming items on the blockchain, true item ownership, game item trading, Enjin Smart Contract and Subscriptions.
Boxmining continued by describing his interview with our CTO, Witek Radomski.

“It was a really insightful interview, because we talked about how are they going to move forward with the project. For example, integrating with Minecraft.”

“I’ve used to develop with Unity, and Unity SDK’s are something we’ve discussed as well.”

He continued his analysis of Enjin Coin by emphasising the importance of the team behind the project.

“This all goes back to teamwork. Projects are not about one person, they are not about one single spokesperson — they are about teams.”

We’d like to thank Boxmining — as well as our entire community, for their continued optimism (especially considering the past few days) and their immense amount of support.
We could not have asked for a better bunch of crypto-enthusiasts on board the starship Enjinprise.
We’re on a mission to explore strange new gaming multiverses , to seek out new wallets and new plugins — to boldly go where no cryptocurrency has gone before.
Enjin Coin Team

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